Ruky Deejay


Ruky DeeJay is one of the best Romanian DJs & musician producer who, throughout the years, has worked with many artists from the international DJ circuit.

DJ ESKEI83, DJ Dirty Law from V.I.P. ROOM,  DJ Cut Killer, Sylvain Armand, DJ Pete from Mykonos, DJ Abdel, DJ Cruz, Dj Equal, Oliver McGregor, Hurts, Snap, C&C Music Factory, Coolio, Shantel, Tara McDonald, Republica or The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are just a few of the names that shared the stage with Ruky!

In more than 18 years of music, he has worked his way up Bucharest’s nightlife circuit and performed in the best venues from all over Romania, also he has rocked the crowds at the hottest and most outstanding parties and clubs both in Romania and internationally, being invited to play in Dubai, Greece, Austria, Germany & Italy. More than 6 years he is the resident of Fratelli Club from Romania (Bucharest).

Since childhood Ruky was passionate about music, as he was always surrounded by musical instruments. Tape recorders, pick-up and double cassette decks were always present and representative in cultivating his passion.

At the age of 9 years he received his first guitar from his father and the adventure begins. In his early years he founded the first high school rock band, Darkside. Graduated School «Folk Art Bucharest» in 1998, he has played over time in various rock bands, jazz and blues.

He started producing music in 2001. Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Jackson, Koto, Paul Hardcastle, Enigma, Marrs, Farley Jackmaster Flash, Jamiroquai were some of the names that have influenced his musical culture.

He started DJing when the vinyl was in, searching for his records in Budapest (Hungary), because at that time in Romania you couldn’t find a Dj store. He was starting to use Serato in 2008, which helped him to make the transition much smoother from classical vinyl records to digital records. The key of his success into open format style, is that he always brings good vibes, new songs mixed along with the classics ones, Electronic Dance Music side by side among Hip Hop and Rock’n’Roll music, all mixed with energy and passion.

Nowadays he brings life into an electronic house music project, called “Space Roosters”, among his good friends.

His fresh and innovative style keeps the crowd screaming for more and this is why Ruky loves to think that: «I definitely have the best job in the world! :)”